Bags for Breasts

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“Bags for Breasts!”
Charitable promise by start up company “Cutey Bags” to donate 10% of first year profits to breast cancer charity.

A new line of luxury leather handbags has launched with Love at the core of its brand. Brand “Cutey” has launched a designer line of bags made from the highest quality, ethically sourced Italian leather available.

Affected personally by illness in the family, breast cancer is something that founders Chris & Ashley can closely relate too. There fore they have pledged to donate a 10% of all year one profits to Breast Cancer UK to help support their efforts. They are simply going bags for breasts!

Cutey is small UK based Artisan Company. Since launching on Valentine’s Day 2013 Cutey has gone from strength to strength booming in popularity, amassing over 400,000 followers on Twitter, and 15,000 fans on Facebook.

The methodology behind Cuteys brand is love, caring and passion. Inspired by the most important thing in life, the ones you love. The cutey brand represents romance, loving & luxury. With all of it’s bags named after the most romantic cities & capitals of the world including; Paris, Bruges, Rome, Tuscany, New York, St. Lucia, Vienna, Venice & Florence.

The bags, made from the highest quality ethically sourced Italian leather, are beautifully crafted featuring some signature Cutey marks such as the Cutey heart shapes zip lock, interior design cutey heart pattern and the cutey signature locking device, giving the bag the luxury feel you deserve from a designer handbag.

Cutey offer a Free UK Delivery service as well as worldwide dispatch, with next day dispatch on all items. The Cutey luxury leather bags are the perfect gift for a loved one on yourself, and you don’t need to feel as guilty in indulging knowing the profits are going to a great cause.

You can see more information about the cutey bag range at

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Christmas Promotion

Good news cutey fans, we’re offering 20% off our charm and shamballa bracelets this Christmas using discount code “Santa”.

On top of that as always all our products come gift wrapped and with free UK delivery, enjoy 🙂

New Packaging

Just in time for Christmas we’ve launched new packaging for all of our bracelets. Ideal as a gift, or just to treat yourself. The new packaging is included with all retail orders placed via Our gift boxes include a white satin lining inside and are tied outside with a printed Ivory bow.

Bracelet Packaging

Spotting Fake Leather Handbags

When purchasing a leather bag it’s important to find out whether the bag actually is leather. But how do you tell which is real leather and which is just a scam?

Here are some useful tips to make sure your bag is made from real leather:

Spotting Fake Leather

1. It may sound obvious, but check for a marking saying that the item. Most real leather bags will have a marking or label on them stating that they are made of real leather, fake leather bags will not. It’s also worth checking where you buy the item from, if it’s online and is real leather, it will be noted in the description of the product and real leather is a big selling point.

2. The second step to take is by taking a look at the texture of the leather, feel the leather, it should have a slightly rough surface too it from the natural imperfections in the product where as fake leather will have a more smooth surface and a printed on type product. If you look closely at the surface of the leather too you should be able to see natural pores in the skin, where as the fake leather will not have these pores.

3. Another tip to make sure that its real leather is by looking at the edges, the edges of a real leather product will be rougher and feel more natural, real. Whereas the edges of a fake leather product will be smooth and feel fake.

4. It’s worth comparing the real leather product to something you know is fake, it’s very easy to spot the difference in quality when the two are side by side. The real leather product should also smell like real leather, where as the fake leather won’t have an authentic leather smell.

Remember, you get what you pay for, a real leather bag isn’t going to be cheap, real leather is a luxury commodity and the price tag will reflect it if it’s real. Don’t take it for granted that a product is real leather just because it says it is.


Shamballa Bracelets for Kids

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about a kids version of our popular shamballa bracelets. So I thought we should write a quick post to answer the question.

Our shamballa bracelets are fully adjustable and will be suitable for any size wrist so our beautiful shamballa bracelets are perfect for both children and adults. There is no need for us to produce a special version aimed at kids as our current bracelets are all fine for children. If your looking to buy them as gifts for birthdays/Christmas the sparkle of the shamballa bracelet is bound to be a huge hit.

I’m sure kids would find our Multi coloured bracelet particularly divine with such an array of bright, eye catching coloured beads. Although our super sparkley pink shamballa bracelet would also be a big hit with girls!

Multi Coloured Shamballa Bracelet

If you’ve never seen our shamballa bracelets in person, they have to be seen to be appreciated you just can’t see the huge about of sparkle they have from a photo. Childrens shamballa bracelets would be a huge hit, what girl doesn’t love sparkle?

If you would like multiple for children’s parties etc, we do offer a 20% discount on 10 bracelets please contact us for this offer.

Shamballa Bracelet Meanings

The meaning behind shamballa bracelets has it’s origins in Buddhism where the kingdom of Sambhala was a mythical kingdom of peace and tranquillity. Often used as a prayer tool, to help Buddhist reach a deep state of meditation while wearing the shamballa bracelet. The sparkling crystals helping Buddhists reach a state of peace and tranquillity just as the legends of Shambala speak of.

Blue Shamballa Bracelet Meanings

Each colour of shamballa bracelet has a different meaning and ideal behind them and allows a different thought process in the meditative state.

The Meanings of Shamballa Bracelet Colours

Light Blue – Tranquillity, peace and relaxation.
Gold – Bountiful beauty and unparalleled desire.
Silver/White – Clear thoughts and deep mediation.
Gold and Silver – The dream state, and the true thoughts of the inner subconscious.
Multi Coloured – The Unfocused mind, the desire of the human psych to constantly jump from thought to thought.
Pink – The meaning of the pink shamballa bracelet is eternal love, in both our minds and the greater universe.
Red – The red shamballa bracelets meaning is one of courage and bravery, and a will to known the unknown.

Pink on White Shamballa Bracelet Meaning

Shamballa bracelets are a beautiful product, and it’s great to understand their true meanings in Buddhism. All of the shamballa bracelets designed by cutey are hand crafted by Buddhists keeping them true to their original purpose.

Summer Finally Arrives

So as of the last two days summers seems to of finally arrived in England(better late than never!), Lets just hope it lasts at least a few months.

Here at cutey we’ve been working on a few different ideas and projects including one new piece that’s very different to anything we’ve done before, so watch this space!

To celebrate the arrival of the long over due sunshine we are offering 20% off all cutey products with discount code “sun”.

Heres some of our top summers picks to give you some ideas:


Pink on White

Pink on White Shamballa Bracelet

<3 cutey and enjoy the sunshine!

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